All of the Spin 360 Core Fitness Athletic Instructors and Diet Coaches were hand selected for their enthusiasm, expertise and reputation of maintaining satisfied and happy clients who reach and exceed their personal fitness and health goals.


Tina has been known to say ...

"I feel blessed each day that I encounter the dedication, effort and support from my team!!"


Tina Marie Schneider - Owner, Spin Instructor, Personal Trainer, Diet Coach


Tina opened Spin 360 in 1998. Her passion is fitness. Most have refereed to her as a Health & Fitness advocate for the importance of healthy living. As the owner of spin 360,  Tina has worked tirelessly towards improving the health of the community and her clients through diet,exercise,and improving self esteem. Tina's Studio offer three full service components in the area of health:Diet, Weight/Strength  training, and Spinning. This blend of services provide the Spin 360 member with results for a total body transformation. Tina carries a Masters Degree In Foods and Nutrition. She is a Master Spinner and has guided her clientele into an improved quality of life by being personally invested in their progress. Tina develops relationships that inspire those she helps to choose a better lifestyle. Prior to opening the studio, she worked for 6 years at Centinela Hospital Medical Center as an R.D. Intern Under Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic. The Kerlan-Jobe Orthopedic Clinic is a world leader in the diagnosis and treatment of orthopedic and sports medicine injuries and illnesses. She was the Nutritionist at Paramount studios in Hollywood and personally tailored many weight loss exercise programs with Hollywood's Premier Fitness Expert Dan Isaacson. She has worked with many Collegiate and professional athletes and was the Nutritionist for the L.A Galaxy Soccer Team for 5 years. Tina devolved a nutrition program, fat loss diet and 16 week meal plan for professional Golden Glove Camp, Oscar De La Hoya. She has 35 years experience in her field and is continuously educating herself by attending seminars and classes in the area of Health and Fitness.

Gerie Brink - Spin Instructor - General Manager


Gerie discovered her passion for fitness when she was invited to her first spin class when Spin 360 opened in January 1999. "The best cardio class ever!!" The following June, she received her Johnny G. certification and started teaching spin classes and personal training. In the past 14 years she has been working with the clients of Spin 360 and has never seen better results then from weight training and spinning. Gerie received her diet coach training for Ideal Protein weight loss in 2000 and recently received her advanced training. She loves to teach, coach and encourage her clients to see the ultimate results.

Jane Bruyninckx - Spin Instructor


Jane leads an active lifestyle. She practices yoga, weight training, hiking, and occasionally joins her son for Crossfit. She began taking spin classes at the local gym, but didn’t fall in love with it until she joined Spin 360 in 2004! She took a few years off to run half marathons, 14 to be exact, but found her way back to Spin 360. The discipline she used for running is now focused on spinning. She loves upbeat music and looks forward to meeting you in one of her classes.

Cece De La Torre - Spin Instructor


Cecilia brings Spin 360 motivational music and high energy classes.  She has been attending Spin 360 for approximately 8 years.  Cecilia began her spinning journey with the realization that fitness is a lifestyle and not a fad.  She continues to complete Mud Runs and 5K races.  Cecilia has been an elementary teacher for 15 years and has two Master's degrees from the University of La Verne.

Jason De La Torre - Spin Instructor


Jason brings high intensity fitness with a welcoming atmosphere.  He began spinning in January 2015 with the desire to add more cardio to his fitness routine.  He has completed multiple Mud runs (Tough Mudder, Mud Factor, and Rugged Maniac) as well as 5K races.  Jason played college level baseball (2000-2002) and currently plays independent baseball.  He attributes spinning to keeping himself fit and strong.

Victor Garcia - Spin Instructor 


Victor joined Spin 360 in 2020 and is energetic, fun and motivational.  Victor uses high energy music to keep you engage.  Victor started his journey to fitness eleven years ago when he lost 100 lbs by dieting and exercising.  It’s been a lifetime change and wants what’s best for his clients.  He is willing to help others accomplish their fitness goals.  He started spinning six years ago and fell in love with this high intensity cardio exercise.

Rosemary Magana - Spin Instructor


Rosemary has been spinning for over 5 years but really fell in love with it again after joining the team at Spin 360. She wanted to add more cardio to her bootcamp regimen and spinning was the perfect fit! With the combination of high intensity and ‘dancing’ done on the bike, she knew this was what had been missing from her work outs. After being in class for 6 months, she knew that becoming an instructor was the next step she wanted to take and began the certification process. Her classes are full of great energy, great music (with some Latin flare for added fun) and a great motivation to every class. In addition to being a Spin Instructor, she has also been a licensed esthetician for the past 11 years and is a very busy wife and mom of 3. She strongly believes in the balance of inner and outer beauty which is why she loves combining the two, beauty and fitness. Her goal is for you to leave her class with a GREAT work out, a feeling of accomplishment, and a BIG smile!!

Veronica Renner - Spin Instructor 


Veronica has been a part of our spin family since 2011 and a member since 2009.  She has a naturally energetic personality. Her energy and excitement moves threw the classes she teaches.  One hobby she loves is to trail run up hill and she has incorporated that into her class structure. Her class focuses on one main building tool per class with versatility, from Strengthen building to Endurance to High Intensity HITT fat burning rides.  Her upbeat music and high energy will motivate you to be the best you every class.  Veronica is MADD Dog  Certified and is currently working for her personal trainers certification.

Li Mai ~ Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor


Li has been consistently practicing yoga since 2008 and it was her love for yoga that motivated her to complete a 200-hour of Ashtanga yoga teacher training course in 2013. As part of her groundwork to become a better yoga instructor and mentor, Li also learned from some of the most reputed Ashtanga Yoga Masters in 2014. She completed 40-hour course of intensive study in the foundations and teaching techniques of the primary series of Ashtanga with David Swenson. In addition, she attended various workshops with Doug Swenson and Kino Macgregor. Li’s classes incorporate both the Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow styles that focus on building balance, strength, muscle tone, and increasing flexibility, and a blend of physical alignment with core strengthening in a fluid rhythm. She emphasizes breath awareness and conscious intention to promote ease and stability in each pose while helping students to find and maintain a peaceful mind and body experience.

Continue learning is always Li’s desire. Recently, she attended Yoga Therapy Ball training and learned self-care therapy techniques of relieving pain and stress, healing, stretching, and strengthening. She would love to share her knowledge with others. “Come to discover the gifts of peace, harmony, laughter, and love within ourselves, to create a well balance lifestyle, and to improve or to maintain our healthy body, mind, and life through our consistent yoga practice.”

Li’s favorite quote: “Do your practice and all is coming” by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois.

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