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Our mission is to invite God back into our country, to be our King, our Leader, and always our God in whom we trust. We will use billboards as our means of exposure to initiate this movement of change in America.




My name is Marie Bitonti.  I love Jesus and I love America.


My granddaughter, Alexis Caputo, recently invited me to a Turning Point USA, America Fest conference in Phoenix, Arizona.  The theme of the conference was:  “God first and love for our country, second".  Many young people were in attendance.  They were on fire to make a spiritual renewal in our country.  Several government officials were also in attendance with the same enthusiasm of putting God first.  They encouraged the audience to be part of the change of putting God back into our country.  The politicians’ speeches reinforced the fact that we need to make a turnaround in morals, education and government.  In other words, a spiritual revival in our country needs to take place.


It was noted that there were over 10,000 people in attendance at the conference.  It was suggested that if each person did just one act to make a stand for change, it would be a blessing and a ray of light in a dark time.  One of the suggestions was using billboards to promote recognizing God first.  Suicide, drugs, violence and crime are at epidemic proportions. Unfortunately, most of our current leaders are stagnant in providing real solutions. Jesus is the best solution.  We want to advertise His presence in our country with the powerful Word of God presented on billboards.  Depending on the locations of the billboards, there could be as much as 400,000 views per day.  I would like to put as many billboards as possible in the most heavily trafficked locations.


My daughter, Tina Schneider, owner of "Spin 360”, is willing to help work towards this goal. Tina’s theme throughout her gym is promoting the love and joy of knowing Jesus. We chose to promote this mission via her website, “Spin 360° Core Fitness”. Tina has stated, "We need to help people change their lives from the inside out. Promoting God and His love, most assuredly, and recognizing we are loved by the Creator of the universe. This is essential to this call to action!" 

Our prayer is as you read our Mission Statement,  you will be as as excited as we are to reach as many people as we can! We are believing that YOU will join us on this quest! 


 To understand our inspiration, watch the video below! 


Project Name:


Billboard Artwork: In God We Trust TODAY!

The first Billboard Project 01 Is funded solely by Marie Bitonti as a promise to God.

Updated Design 2023
Pasadena In and Out Billboard_edited.jpg


Project Name:


Billboard Artwork:
In God We Trust TODAY!
Funded by generous donations of friends and family.
Located in Covina on Arrow hwy./ Citrus Blvd. 


Project Name:


Billboard Artwork:

In God We Trust TODAY!

Funded by donations from Knights of Columbus, Winning at the Race of Life, friends and family.


Our Goal at God Billboards is to saturate our amazing country with reminders of how our country was founded.  

One Nation Under God and In God We Trust!

We want to put as many billboards as possible up in the most heavily trafficked areas. 

My entire family is onboard and we will work ENDLESSLY towards this goal.

Join us if you wish! 

Contact Me
For more information or if you need prayer.

May God Bless You!   

Tel: 1 626 852 0007

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God Billboards Inc. is now a nonprofit organization with a 501(c).

For every donation we can provide the proof of donation for your record purposes. Thank you for contributing to this cause in bringing God back into our country. Today!


Pray this prayer with us.

God, Nothing compares to how great YOU are! The heavens declare Your glory and the earth points to Your power. You are holy and set apart! You are above every area of our lives, and it is by Your hand that our world is held together.

All glory and honor belongs to YOU  alone on this mission! Hallelujah,

In the name of Jesus,


Join us on our journey! 

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