Miss Hollywood, Lauren Smolka trains with

Spin 360 Fitness when getting ready for pageants

“Spinning is the best workout I have ever gotten in my Life! Pilates classes are great too!”

-- Jaun Carlos --

Thank you Tina for today, but more importantly for being a great friend. Whenever I think about you I am always reminded by what Nikki said about you. And I am not a kiss and tell person, but she nailed your persona and the kind of wonderful human being you are when she told me: That if she was stranded in Mexico, you would be the friend she would call to come get her, because you would, without hesitation. That's the kind of selfless person you are. You always put others before yourself. That's the best compliment anyone could receive.

                                                                            Caryn O'Brian

Lost 20 pounds since July of last year. Very thankful for Tina Marie Schneider diet bet for getting me started. Thanks Julie Olson and Glen for the jump start and Spin 360 for motivation. Spin really works!

                                                          Jessica Cruz

Meet Diane, age 78 Still spinning, even after 2 knee replacements and shoulder surgery. "My arthritis feels so much better after each class! The people are supportive, knowledgeable and friendly! The studio is always clean and inviting. Tina defuses essential oils that always leaves me feeling better!"

"Spin 360 Core Fitness has by far exceeded all of my previous expectations about going to the gym. To me, Spin 360 is not a gym that I dread going to each morning...it's actually something that I look forward to waking up to. Tina immediately makes you feel comfortable and finds new ways to challenge and motivate you. Spin 360 Core Fitness has led me to live a healthier lifestyle - both emotionally and physically. I am currently in school to become a therapist and I tell everyone that spin IS my therapy! I will be coming here for years and years to come." 

 - - Amelia Arden - -

I grew up in a family where sports were a part of every day life. As a child I played softball, volleyball, golf, tennis, and participated in dance and cheerleading. As a teenager I played softball at the competitive travel ball level, as well as for my high school. In college, I was a part of the University cheerleading squad. Needless to say, fitness and weight were never much of an issue for me. However, that all changed the summer after I graduated from college. I gained nearly twenty pounds within three months. Once I realized what was happening I immediately started attending spin classes at SPIN 360 and weight training with the sensational Tina Schneider. I was hooked on spin and training at SPIN 360 after only one visit! The spin classes are extremely motivating! I enter the spin studio each day to find the music blasting and black lights illuminating the room. The instructors are always encouraging and inspire me to put forth my best effort. The weigh training experience at SPIN 360 is what my body really needed to transform into the toned and shapely figure I desired. After only three months of spinning and weight training at SPIN 360, I was able to lose 22 pounds and get control of my body and life again! SPIN 360 has truly changed and revolutionized my life. Without Tina Schneider, I would still be fighting with my own body, and struggling to maintain my weight. Tina is the most amazing, inspirational, and dedicated woman and trainer that I know. She has taught me how to train my body and mind to obtain, and maintain my ideal physique. I have never felt as good about my body as I do now. Tina not only helped me to change my body but my spirit and mind as well. She has showed me that exercising is fun and rewarding beyond the arena of competitive sports. Her relentless encouragement, advice, and expertise has given me the confidence that I could only dream of before! Thank you SPIN 360 and Tina Schneider for blessing me with the priceless gift of health and well-being!

                                                                                         Ashley Dochterman

“The best Spin Studio EVER. They have wonderful, knowledgeable instructors that kick your butt every time... Great music, and nice new equipment”

-- Steven S --

"Amazing spin studio. You can't beat the prices. Studio is always clean and the people there are awesome! They play great music and I have not been to a bad class yet. I also do personal training with Tina and I love it! I've lost 20 pounds with spin in 5 months and couldn't be happier that I signed up."

-- Danielle C. --

“Spin 360 is a place where exercise is a fun and social activity. It is the one place I look forward to exercise..”

-- Debbie Ginger --

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