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Bible Study topic for today: How to win in life. Nutrition Topic: Intermittent Fasting.

Everything in your life hinges on a thought. Every thought comes with an image. Every image comes with an emotions. Your thoughts create what you believe. What you believe is the thing you talk about in life. Every day you are framing your world by the words you speak.

Recognize your behavior and what you're saying on a daily base. Whatever you're talking about is where you have been putting your attention. If it's not words that create a future for you then you shouldn't be giving it any attention. To be successful in life you need to think successful and speak only those words that give life. Make an effort this weekend to fine-tune your thoughts and words.

When you are dealing with something in life, don't speak the problem, speak the solution. Understand the power of your words and what you think about are the direct result of what's going on in your life today.

Nutrition Topic to today:

6 ways to intermittent fast -converted
Download PDF • 118KB

If we could all see everything and anything the way Jesus sees them, we would have so much peace and so much more love for everyone including ourselves. If you could just ask Jesus to let you see things through the eyes of Him, you would never ever want to see anything different. It is truly a whole other world; one that I definitely want to be living in.

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