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Keep God's Temple in Good Shape

"Until I turned 64, I'd never exercised in a serious way. I had walked and done a few things to stay in decent shape, but I was not dedicated to exercise. I had reached into my excuse bag many times over the years and come up with all kinds of 'reasons' I could not exercise. But the Lord spoke to me and encouraged me to begin a serious workout program so I could be strong for the last third of my journey through life.

I already had good eating habits, and when I obeyed the Lord and started going to the gym several times a week, I stepped into a new season of life. I looked better, I felt better, and most importantly, I was honoring God by taking good care of the body He gave me.

I urge you to trust God and start finding ways to pursue health daily. The Word says that our bodies are temples of God. I don't know about you, but I want to make sure that God likes His temple! Today, make the choice to keep your temple in excellent shape for God.

Prayer Starter: Lord, I commit to a lifestyle of good physical health. Help me to make good choices that will continually improve my health. My body is Your temple, and I want to keep it in excellent shape for You!"


Joyce Myers

* Personal Note: You can join with a partner, create a small group or personally train one on one.

If you are looking to take your fitness to the next level.. Whatever that means for you? For some people, that may mean to actually walk into a gym for the first time. I would love to be your guide and partner. I personally like to first help you from the inside out! I hope for you to first love yourself. I ask Jesus to show me the areas we need to work on and then we begin there! If you read this blog and you are motivated to take your fitness to the next level? I offer you one free session with me. Text me at 626 506 5011

It is never too late to begin! All levels of fitness are welcome.

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